Making your dream home a reality

At MountainView Homes, nestled in the heart of Mohave County, we’ve been transforming 
the essence of shelter into personalized sanctuaries since 1987. we recognize that each 
home is a personal odyssey, a journey we embark on together, hand in hand.

About us

Legacy of Crafting Dreams

From our inception, MountainView Homes has stood as a beacon of excellence in homebuilding. Our ethos is woven into the fabric of every home we craft, reflecting not just the aspirations but the soul of those who dream of a life within its walls.
Our legacy, built on a steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional service, transcends the conventional. We are not merely builders; we are visionaries and partners in the truest sense, dedicated to breathing life into the visions of our clients.
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Our Philosophy

A Home Built Around You

At the core of MountainView Homes lies a philosophy that is simple yet profound: you, our client, are our foremost priority. Guided by Glen Rajaniemi, a visionary in real estate with an unwavering commitment to detail and 
process, we craft each step of your homebuilding journey to be as seamless and transparent as possible.
Your vision, paired with our expertise, culminates in a home that is not just a place, but a reflection of your identity and aspirations.

Why choose Us?

Why Mountain View Homes?

Unmatched Quality & Craftsmanship

Our dedication to using only premium materials and superior craftsmanship ensures your home is a lasting legacy of elegance and resilience.

Future-Forward Energy Efficiency

We design with tomorrow in mind, integrating 
advanced, energy-efficient solutions that benefit both the environment and your 

Without Compromise

Our commitment to flexibility allows you to 
tailor your home to your taste, from the finishing touches to the architectural

Your Invitation to Design the Future

Embark on this journey with us. it’s an invitation to dream, to collaborate, and to create.

Our Services

Tailored to Your Dream

ground-up construction

At Mountain View Homes, Our Ground-Up Construction Service Is The Cornerstone Of Turning Your Vision Into Reality.


Mountain View Homes Excels In Creating Homes With Our In-House Residential Architecture Services.

personalized remodeling

Personalized Remodeling With Mountain View Homes Goes Beyond Mere Changes; It’s About Reimagining Your Living Space To Reflect Your Evolving Lifestyle And Personal Taste.

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“Let’s Build Together” is more than a proposition; it’s a promise of partnership and possibility. Reach out to start your project or simply to learn more.